Ecommerce SEO Services

Search engine optimisation is extremely important for your ecommerce store, it's by far one of the most effective and affordable ways that you can grow your business and boost revenue. If you rank at the top of the search results, your exposed to a much wider audience and subsequently more people can find and contact your business. We advise any ecommerce store to boost their rankings, if this is something you want to do, We Design It can help. The pricing for our ecommerce SEO services starts at £750/month and is completely transparent.


£ 750/month

+ £2000 initial investment
  • 2 custom dashboards
  • 15 guaranteed keyphrases
  • 3 pages of SEO copy


£ 1500/month

+ £3500 initial investment
  • 4 custom dashboards
  • 16 pages of SEO copy
  • Shopping cart funnel analysis
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£ 2750/month

+ £5000 initial investment
  • 8 custom dashboards
  • 40 guaranteed keyphrases
  • Customer review strategy
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What is Ecommerce SEO Services and How Do They Increase Online Orders?

Ecommerce SEO is one of the best ways businesses can drive traffic to their website. In short, SEO helps your online business revenue to grow by acquiring more paying customers. Of course it does take initial investment, but the Return On Investment is extremely profitable! With our ecommerce SEO services we can guarantee your website will rank higher on the search engine results pages for the keywords your specific target audience uses to find stores like yours.

The idea is to rank your website for as many keywords that your customers will enter into the search results to find you, as possible. Therefore, the more key terms that you are able to accurately and successfully target, the more relevant customers will click on your website/products. Subsequently, you’ll then in turn see an increase in your website conversions and your revenue.

We Design It Ecommerce SEO Services

Number of keyphrases that will be optimised (keyphrases with less than 1M results)Up to 125Up to 250Up to 500
Web server analysis & reporting
Keyphrase research
Predictive keyword analysis
Meta tags
Optimisation of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls
Quarterly content asset links or long form/skyscraper content assets
2 links or content assets4 links or content assets10 links or content assets
Mobile site optimisation*
Information architecture audit
Google Analytics setup with conversion tracking
Google Analytics traffic analysis
Creation of Google analytics custom dashboards2 dashboards4 dashboards8 dashboards
Not provided filter / Not provided analysis reporting
Setup of website sitemap
Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
Google/Bing Webmaster Tools analysis (performed upfront and ongoing)
Alt text added to images
Product image optimisation/compression
301 link redirect audit
Breadcrumb analysis/implementation
Broken link correction (initial)
Broken link correction (monthly)
On-page crawl error correction (monthly)
Custom 404 error page setup
Product Markup - Schema HTML tags (initial)
Product Markup - Schema HTML tags (ongoing)
Rel="publisher" implementation
Initial copywriting articles or blog posts (up to 750 words)Up to 4 pagesUp to 15 pagesUp to 30 pages
Initial copywriting for product descriptions (up to 100 words)Up to 10 productsUp to 20 productsUp to 40 products
Ongoing quarterly copywriting for product descriptionsUp to 10 products Up to 10 productsUp to 20 products
Quarterly web page freshness updates
Initial link analysis and disavow
Dedicated account representative
Online project management schedule
Ongoing monthly keyword reporting
Ongoing monthly traffic reporting
Ongoing monthly transaction/revenue reporting
Google data highlights
Competitor intelligence report-
Internal linking restructuring
Linkable content promotion
Proper URL structure analysis
URL parameter normalization/exclusions
Header Tags Optimised (ex. H1s)
Duplicate content analysis & correction
Social media monitoring
Keyword rank checker access (monthly update)
Shopping cart funnel analysis and recommendations-
Website usability analysis-
Rich snippets optimisation-
Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News)-
Outreach to online influences-
Link reclamation-
Creation of text navigation (if possible)-
Website design analysis-
Video and image XML sitemaps-
Integration of BLOG w/ RSS--
Link baiting and content development--
Customer review (user generated content) strategy --
Website conversion analysis implementationCustomCustomCustom
Keyphrases guaranteed on 1st page results of Google (OR INITIAL PAYMENT BACK - 1 year commitment)152540
Initial campaign investment£2000£3500£5000
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Does my ecommerce business need SEO?

SEO is not just for those businesses that sell online – it’s important for all businesses with several benefits. However it is especially important for ecommerce businesses.

By utilising ecommerce SEO best practices you can reach more qualified leads. What we mean by this is targeting those shoppers that are most likely to purchase your product, which of course means for sales and revenue. We do this by optimising your website for the relevant key words that shoppers will be using, and making the bridge to allow you to reach these shoppers and potential customers.

It’s typical that the keywords you’ll be looking to use will be related to your store niche and products.

Let’s put this into a scenario to understand better how this works. If you are selling artificial grass, for example, then it’s probable that people searching for your service will use those words or industry variations. This is why as part of the process we would complete keyword research, to target keywords like ‘artificial grass‘ or, “fake grass”, or perhaps wider variations like “new lawn”.

These are keywords that are relevant to you and your business as well as the ‘ideal customer/shopper’.

Lets summarise the Benefits of Ecommerce SEO


Your target audience are sat on their desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile phone browsing the internet and ready to buy. They have money in their bank accounts, they’ve just been paid and they are wanting to pay for what you’re offering! One problem. Without SEO, the odds that they will find your store aren’t in your favour! Likelihood is they’ll never know your store even exists!

With our ecommerce SEO service we can make sure your store is visible, allowing you to maximise your sales, and subsequently profits!

Let’s think about the equivalent with physical stores to make a comparison. Imagine there being a shopping complex with thousands of physical stores but none of these stores have any branding on the outside saying what they do. Thus, leaving it up to the shopper to pick and choose which store they enter hoping it stocks something they like? That would be a nightmare. Ecommerce SEO can make this experience for online shoppers a lot more friendly by navigating them in the direction of what they are looking for automatically. It’s the same as placing a huge sign outside your shop that says ‘We sell women’s clothing!”. So, the idea is when the user searches for the keywords and phrases we optimise your site for, your store shows up in there searches. This would be the perfect time – right? A buying ready potential client being practically placed in-front of your website at the exact time they are wanting to spend their money. Without optimising your website for these keywords or key phrases, your chance at showing up is virtually none.

However, it’s your competitors that do and they’ll take happily take your shoppers.


Let’s say it how it is. Without an ecommerce SEO strategy, you can fully expect your competitors to beat you in the search result rankings.

No matter how amazing your website looks. No matter whether it can naturally attracts hundreds of links. Any competitor that has worked with an agency to devise a solid ecommerce SEO strategy, will outrank you most likely every time, in every different search variation. It’s know longer enough to have just part of the package.

The online competition is high and you need the entire package. With a completely custom, ecommerce SEO package from We Design It that’s exactly what you get. We work with you to develop a personalised and competitive strategy, that places you at the forefront of your industry.


The brilliance of Ecommerce SEO is the key focus on improving your online visibility with search engines. In short, by increasing your online exposure and visibility with Ecommerce SEO services, it makes it far easier for consumers to find your website. For example, instead of your website ranking allowing you to only appear on page two of the search results, your website shows up on page one.

It goes without saying there are many negative affects that ignoring SEO can have on your business. However, while we’re on the topic let’s as an overview note the main few:

  • Your website appears lower in the search result rankings (Page one or the first top ten search results receive over 91% of the traffic. That doesn’t leave much for page two!)

  • It will come as no surprise that less traffic means fewer purchase orders

  • Fewer purchase orders of course in turn means less revenue for your business.

To build a successful business everyone knows you need sales, consistently. If you’re not driving that valuable traffic to your website, then you won’t be making online sales which means less profit. You can reach far more people online, than you can offline, which is why you have an ecommerce store to begin with! It’s important not to forget about visibility and getting in front of your customers. Otherwise, your business is not sustainable.

Our team will spend the time learning about your business, your products, your potential clients and more. We’ll invest the necessary time and do the research required to build a personalised plan that will maximise your visibility to drive results. With our ecommerce SEO services we can allow your business to thrive online.

We’ve driven over £1 Million in sales so far.


With any marketing plan we always recommend utilising multiple strategies and methods. The reason for this is to cover as much ground as possible and make execute the most powerful digital marketing plan that’s performance driven. Ecommerce SEO forms the foundation of these marketing plans being one of the most cost-effective methods in comparison to traditional marketing routes.

We’re able to focus on the specific keywords that your target audience will be using to search for you. We’ll then optimise your website for those keywords to allow SEO to drive visitors to your website and bring in those results you want.

As you probably know all businesses need to reinvest in themselves at some stage for continued growth. We recommend it’s worthwhile reinvesting the additional revenue generated with our ecommerce SEO services, into a complete marketing strategy plan. This could include pay-per-click (PPC), or email marketing, or perhaps even both! Which would offer a much higher return on investment.


As an online store you likely have quite a large amount of products. It’s important that your target audience can find your store and products when searching online. The great thing about ecommerce SEO is the ability to optimise each of your products.

Traditional marketing methods would not allow you to cover your entire product line, unless you have a massive marketing budget. This would mean that you would have to market just one or two of your products. Of course, it would make sense to then market your most popular products, however there is no guarantee that you would reach your target audience.

Our Ecommerce SEO service allows you to optimise your entire site, to reach the most qualified leads possible.


The performance of ecommerce SEO services allows for incredibly accurate tracking. Which is why it’s a known fact that ecommerce SEO has a conversion rate of 15%. This means that 15 percent of all leads delivered to your store will convert into paying shoppers. You may think that’s not that great, but it’s actually eight times more than traditional marketing at just 1.7%. Considering the year-on-year investment companies make into traditional marketing – 15% isn’t to be sniffed at right?

SEO isn’t a flick of a switch and it doesn’t deliver results immediately or overnight, but it’s reliable and a long-term source of revenue for your business. Which is why ecommerce SEO is a long-term on going process.


It’s just another reason as to why digital marketing is becoming the preferred choice of ecommerce stores.

With ecommerce SEO you don’t pay for the results, unlike pay-per-click (PPC). Whilst the two can make a deadly marketing combination, with PPC you pay for every click to your website that it earns your company. Although it is still a very fruitful way to generate leads and business, it cuts into your overall ROI and profits. More importantly, it makes your business dependent on paid advertising to drive revenue.