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Launched: 2023

Our Approach

WDI partnered with Kaspas Desserts to develop a customized online solution tailored to their specific requirements. This platform was designed to fully integrate with their back-office accounting system and online CMS, enabling automatic and seamless updates of stock levels both online and offline. Given the extensive range of products and their various attributes this project presented a significant challenge that WDI was well-prepared to tackle.

Our collaboration began with an in-depth consultation and research phase to thoroughly understand the user flow and address any existing issues. We focused on refining various elements of their online infrastructure, ensuring a robust, user-friendly system capable of managing their complex product offerings and operational needs.

Our Solution

From our detailed brief and research, we crafted a solution that integrated effortlessly with the KC Smart Link software, emphasizing ease of use both before and after launch. Leveraging our long-standing relationship with KC, we developed a system that enabled Kaspas Desserts to streamline their operations by directly feeding customer orders into their accounting package. This synchronization of products, stock, and customer information eliminated the need for manual data entry and significantly sped up back-office processes.

Moreover, we upgraded their B2B site to function as a centralized hub for all 120 franchisees. This enhancement allowed franchisees to place orders centrally, which were then seamlessly integrated into the back-office system through our tailored solution.


Kaspas Desserts has expressed significant satisfaction with the results. Our collaboration has helped Kaspas Desserts maintain efficient and synchronized operations across their entire business network, with our working relations spanning 4+ years.

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