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WDI was appointed by TRIPLE 8 UK to create their e-commerce store. The new platform was required to fully integrate with their back office accounts package and online CMS system. This would update stock levels automatically and seamlessly both online and offline. With hundreds of products that came with multiple variants from colour, age, size and more, this was a complex build which WDI was perfectly suited to assist with.

Upon an initial consultation and discussing their brief we delved into extensive research, examining the user flow intricacies and current issues they were facing. Our investigation delved deep into product tab systems, filter mechanisms, and product UI layouts, encompassing aspects such as quantity options and thumbnail arrangements.

The solution derived from the brief and our research was to develop a platform that seamlessly integrates with the KC Smart Link software, ensuring ease of use pre and post-launch as a paramount objective. Having partnered with KC for many years our solution allowed TRIPLE 8 UK to send their customer orders directly into their accountancy package, keep their products, stock and customers in sync end-to-end, alleviating the need for manual data entry and speeding up their back office process invaluably.

Following the implementation of our solution, TRIPLE 8 UK expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome. We continue to provide ongoing support and assistance to ensure the continued success of TRIPLE 8 UK e-commerce platform and bespoke API solutions.

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Triple 8
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Initial Brief

We prioritize fully understanding the client brief upfront, ensuring clear communication and defining success criteria, to prevent surprises and deliver a successful, well-aligned project.


Wireframes are crucial for visualizing the website structure, guiding design and development, identifying potential issues early, and creating a clear roadmap for efficient project execution.

Website Build

Integrating the initial brief with wireframes enhances our grasp of client requirements, shaping design and development while pre-emptively tackling any challenges, thus facilitating a streamlined and effective website construction process.

Wireframe Mockups

Curating detailed wireframes was essential for WDI in visualizing the intricate structure of the e-commerce platform. By meticulously planning through wireframes, we ensured seamless integration with existing systems.

These detailed blueprints became our roadmap, guiding every step of the design and development process. They enabled us to anticipate and address complex requirements early on, optimizing user flow and functionality prior to implementation.

This approach not only streamlined the development phase but also enhanced the platforms overall performance and user experience, aligning precisely with TRIPLE 8 UK’s operational needs and strategic objectives.

Website Build

WDI undertook the development of an integrated e-commerce platform for TRIPLE 8 UK, focusing on seamless integration with their existing systems. This involved addressing complex requirements such as managing diverse product variants and ensuring synchronized stock levels. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we delivered a solution that not only met but surpassed expectations, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Throughout the website build process, our approach was meticulously planned to optimize user experience, efficiently manage intricate product variations, and automate inventory updates. The result was a robust e-commerce platform that streamlined operations, bolstered customer satisfaction, and exemplified our commitment to delivering tailored, impactful solutions.



KC Smart Link

Account Software

Through our strong collaboration with Kamarin Computers, we’ve crafted a comprehensive solution tailored for Triple 8 UK. This seamless integration spans from their online CMS to back-end accountancy packages, automating order management and synchronizing products, stock, and customer data. This streamlined process eliminates manual data entry, speeds up back-office tasks, and enhances operational efficiency without errors.

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